EUCService personal trainer will give you a passion
for riding a unicycle

If you are a newbie to the EUC’s you are only a couple of hours away from learning how to ride one.
Our trainer will give you solid background training and hands-on knowledge,
and soon you will be exploring Gdansk and its surroundings on your own.

Mariusz Błoch Your Personal Trainer

Do you need help in learning how to ride? Mariusz Bloch is here in Gdansk ready to assist!

EUCService organizes impromptu events
combined with free-riding sessions.

Gdańsk City Centre

If you are already a devoted biker you are only a heartbeat away from being a passionate EUC rider.


Gdańsk City Centre

 We know because we visited some bikers during their rally in Gdansk City Centre. Some were vivid spectators. A few brave ones successfully tested our wheels.

Gdańsk Zaspa

Do you see us riding? Shout out! We will show you how to ride a wheel.
This brave girl already knows how to ride. She met us in Gdansk Zaspa. We thought we would show off and find volunteers to try our training wheel.


Gdańsk Zaspa

And this young man was a natural. His first attempt was an instant success and it went on even better.

Gdańsk Chełm

Children deserve to have a riding break at school. We decided to visit a primary school to give children such an option. It was a bit wobbly at first.


Gdańsk Zaspa

And then the trainer could not keep up!