Tesla MCM5 Nikola MSX MSP RS Monster Ex Ex.n Monster Pro Veteran

229.00  (VAT included)


Nylonove pedals are available in five shapes and two mounting systems. Tailor-made pedals combine high-performance features, stunning look, and functionality. The pedals have been tested to the extreme to meet the highest standards of durability. They absorb vibrations that occur during fast riding on rocky ground. They act as a suspension that dampens unpleasant vibrations. Furthermore, they reduce the impact on the skeletal system. All pedals have adjustable spike heights. Nylonove Adjustable has adjustable pedals angle change system. This system reduces the turning angle of the unicycle. Nylonove pedals are cost-effective can be used in many EUC models.

Material: Nylon

Thickness: 20mm

Fits into:

Mten3 Plus 800W 750Wh 84v by EUCservice

Begode GotWay Mten3 800W 512Wh 84v

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Lightweight and durable honeycomb construction prevents mud, leaves, and snow from accumulating on the pedals.

Not Adjustable




Ergonomic shape adapted to a rider’s foot.

Not Adjustable




NyloNove pedals are made from durable, flexible and abrasion resistant POLYAMID 6.

The material and optimized construction. This type of material with optimized constructions dampens the vibration and increases the ride’s comfort.

Ergonomic and longer pedals help to increase the wheel behavior.  The stainless steel adjustable pins provide a steady feet grip.


Without Adjustable System

Smooth Tilt Adjustable System (STAS)* allows you to adjust the tilt angle of your feet to suit your individual preferences and riding style.

Adjustable Pins

Adjustable stainless steel pins provide excellent grip in the toughest conditions.

Recommended For All

We can honestly recommend these pedals to our customers. You will notice your rides will be more comfortable.


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