MSS Performance Power Kit HTS Sport for Begode RS

599.00  (VAT included)

Unleash the potential of your EUC.

Feel the joy of riding like never before

Increase your safety

Specification Key features:
Tuning that suits your original HB C30 Begode motor (large bearings) and uses the original Begode Mainboard

Higher torque – fast acceleration and braking

Immediate response – gives full power in a second when accelerating and braking

More power – the feeling of reduced wheel weight, increases safety for riders over 100kg

Kit includes:
MSS Mainboard
MSS Stickers

The mainboard must be installed by a professional electric service.

7-24 Days
USA and Canada Estimated Delivery Date 7 March 2023


The best torque

RS Sport HT is a high-performance wheel with great acceleration and tremendous torque. High torque allows to brake very quickly from high speed. The MSS seems to have unlimited power. The MSS stops abruptly.




60+ kmph


100+ km



The range

All wheels from the MSS line are very economical when driven slowly. You can drive up to 150km on them. High torque allows you to drive hard and then the battery will run out after about 70km.

MSS Line

The MSS line was created for EUC safety. With great power and immediate response, the wheels will get you out of trouble. You feel safe riding it.



Additional information

Shipping Time

7-24 Days


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