Begode Master 3500W 134V Pre-order (Batch V2)

3,499.00 3,599.00  (VAT included)

Specification Highlights:

Wheel Size 20″
Range 160km
Speed 80km/h
Hollow Motor 3500W
Battery 2400Wh Samsung 50E (for asphalt up to 60km/h)
1900Wh Samsung 40T (for asphalt over 65km/h and off-road)
Charger 3A
Great for city, road, off-road

General internal wheel inspection
General internal wheel inspection with battery test
Samsung 50E 2700Wh 134V
USA and Canada Estimated Delivery Date 13 March 2023


Form and Function

The Master is a wheel for the trails, with its multi link suspension that is highly adjustable for different terrain and surfaces.  The Master is arguably one of the best looking wheel ever created, with its exposed suspension linkage system, it looks very futuristic.




80+ kmph


160+ km



Most sophisticated suspension yet

The ride of the Master is akin to riding a motor cross bike with its high vantage point, and suspension system that socks up surface irregularities effortlessly.




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