Msuper Sport (MSS) 2250Wh 100V LG INR21700M50T - 99km/h without load - 150km range


Model with extended battery from 1800Wh 100V to 2250Wh 100V

Technical specification attached below.

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3,399.00 $

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Msuper Sport order steps:
Please add MSS to basket.
Please add additional products from warranty and modification tabs:
Monster pedals,
Laser notification,
extend battery 450Wh 100V to get MSS 2250Wh 100V,
extend warranty in EUCservice, (warranty tab)
You get 1month warranty from EUCservice and 11 months from GotWay factory for motor, mainboard and six months for battery.
Please finish order,
You ordered Msuper Pro 1800Wh 100V, wait for your invoice and pay for wheel and parts by PayPal or on bank account directly to  GotWay factory.
MSP is sent directly to EUCservice. Parameters will be changed to MSS, and we send to you vat invoice for modification. You pay the rest.
Price on site is total price for MSS after conversion and includes door to door shipping free of charge.


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