GotWay Msuper Sport (MSS) 1800Wh 100V LG INR21700M50T - 96km/h without load - 120km range


Technical specification attached below.

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2,299.00 $

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Msuper Sport order steps:
Please add MSS to basket and choose shipping method. Shipping by train to EUCservice is included in price.
You order from factory Msuper Pro 1800Wh 100V, get invoice and first you pay only for MSP to PayPal or bank account.
MSP is sent directly to EUCservice. Wheel is inspected at service reading safety.
Steps performed at service:
Parameters will be changed to MSS, see technical specification attached below. MSS is quicker and faster than 17" Gotway Nikola 100V. It brakes harder too. It has 30km more range than MSP.

Please check tabs to add laser notification, extend warranty time, or extend battery capacity from 1800Wh 100.8V to 2250Wh 100.8V battery.
MSS will be sent to your destination 40$ shipping price within EU. You pay missing part for modification and get VAT invoices from EUCservice.

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