Msuper Sport and Msuper Pro decreased weight version with oryginal GotWay battery  1230Wh 100V View larger

Lighter battery for GotWay Msuper Sport. Decreased wheel weight by 2kg


Riders asked us to modify wheel weight and keep the perfect balance.

This battery is for riders who want to decrease wheel weight by


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149.00 $

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Original  SANYO NCR18650GA two batteries 615WH 100V total 24S4P 1230Wh 100V.

24S2P 615Wh 100V battery weight is 2,55 kg = 5,1kg for 2 PCS 1230Wh 100V.

Original GotWay battery pack weight mounted in MSS, MSP new cells 21700

24S2P 900Wh 100V battery weight is 3,7kg = 7,4kg for 2 PCS 1800Wh 100V.

It is not additional battery price, but change from 1800Wh heavy to 1230Wh light.

This change makes wheel lighter and more maneuverable.

It is limited quantity 6 PCS due to GW do not make these batteries anymore.

If you want your wheel to be lighter go for it!

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