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Extended Battery for GotWay 100V 450Wh


Additional battery designed for various GotWay models.

Discount $100 for customers who ordered wheel from EUCservice site.

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599.00 $

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The extension increases the range of the unicycle, the additional power supply extends the life of the main battery, allowing the engine to work continuously under heavy load.

An additional battery is recommended for users to extend the range, driving in difficult terrain conditions, wanting to achieve maximum equipment performance.

The extension is installed at EUCservice and applies to the following GotWay models:

Msuper X 100V 1230Wh
Msuper Sport 100V 1800Wh
Msuper Pro 100V 1800Wh
RS 100V 1800Wh
Nikola 100V 1800Wh
Monster 100V 1845Wh instead of speaker

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