Privacy policy, personal data protection and cookies

1. The Administrator respects the privacy and rights of users of the EUCSERVICE.COM Sales Platform. The protection of personal data of Internet users plays a special role here,

2. The collection, processing and protection of personal data is carried out by the administrator in accordance with these regulations and the relevant provisions of the GDPR Personal Data Protection Act.

3.Personal data is all information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person, such as names, surnames, addresses, e-mail addresses, telephone numbers, data on purchasing behavior, demographic data, etc.,

4. Only personal data provided voluntarily by website users are collected and processed,

5. Personal data is used only for the purposes for which the user has expressly consented,

6. The user always has the right to inspect his data and correct or delete it,

7. User data is protected by multiple encryption methods, access to databases locked with passwords and keeping them in certified server rooms. User account access passwords are additionally encrypted on one side and cannot be read.

8. Classic account registration (using the login and password) on the EUCSERVICE.COM Sales Platform requires confirmation of the e-mail address,

9. The classically registered user will be informed about the possibility of subscribing to the newsletter along with a link confirming the correctness of the e-mail address provided. When the user clicks on the link, he will be saved to receive information selected by him,

10. An e-mail with a confirmation link will be sent a few days after the classic registration,

11. If the message is ignored or not delivered, the administrator does not send any newsletter to the e-mail address provided,

12. The User may disable the newsletter at any time in the settings of the EUCSERVICE.COM Sales Platform or by clicking on the link in each e-mail,

13. User data are not visible outside the administrative system, where they are used to contact the user in the event of technical problems,

14. The administrator may, under the pressure of law enforcement authorities, disclose personal data when it is absolutely required by applicable law, an order or in connection with court proceedings,

15. The administrator of the EUCSERVICE.COM Sales Platform collects personal data of users via:

a) Forms - the forms contained on the EUCSERVICE.COM Sales Platform may be filled in by the user in order to use the EUCSERVICE.COM offer, search for information or express opinions.

b) Cookies The EUCSERVICE.COM Sales Platform uses cookies to remember user settings, such as the language of the website. Cookies are necessary to log in to EUCSERVICE.COM and are involved in many of its processes - such as writing posts and comments, navigating or placing orders.

The EUCSERVICE.COM Sales Platform uses a script to collect anonymous Google Analytics visit statistics, which may additionally place its own cookies. By using the Portal, the user accepts the cookie policy of the Google Analytics system.

The EUCSERVICE.COM Sales Platform embeds videos from, which may additionally create its own cookies. By using the KEBYE.EU Sales Platform, the user accepts the Google cookie policy.

The EUCSERVICE.COM Sales Platform uses PayPal payment processors, which may additionally set their own cookies. By using the Portal, the user accepts PayPal's cookie policy.

c) IP addresses - EUCSERVICE.COM Selling Platform saves users' IP addresses in order to count unique statistics of displayed pages, which helps in the further development of the Portal.

d) E-mail correspondence, newsletter - EUCSERVICE.COM Sales Platform records information on the frequency of opening newsletters in order to display only the content of interest to the user. Additional data provided by the user in e-mail correspondence may also be saved and processed, but only with his consent and for the intended purpose - for example, to carry out the complaint process.